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大隅と自転車で描く未来 A future colored with Osumi and bicycle

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Mr. Takeshi Kurokawa, the general manager and the supervisor of NIFS in Kanoya bicycle racing team.
He was attracted to bicycle racing at the age of 15.
We interviewed him about the connection between Mr. Kurokawa and Osumi and about the image of future through bicycle.

“Please tell us about the connection between you and Osumi.”


I used to come to Osumi every week to prepare for the interscholastic after the graduation of high school. To be honest, I found it tough to come to Osumi every week. But as I got used to it, I was attracted to the environment especially the road along Kinko-wan. I found many ideal roads for cycling in Osumi.


From the experience of preparing for interscholastic, I noticed that the bicycle racing cannot stand up without a stagehand.


After the interscholastic, I found work in a rail road company. 5 years later, I was transferred to Osumi. I started to ride bicycle and to do volunteer at a stadium every holiday. After one year from the personnel changes, the Osumi line became discontinued. The usage of rail road has been discussed at that time and I and my friends came to an idea to change it into a cycling road. We wanted to remain the train road as a memory of the Osumi line. So, the rail road changed into a cycling road. After a while, the embankment of Kimotsuki river changed into cycling road too and Osumi Peninsula became the best cycling environment in Kagoshima.


I like traveling by train too. I love the view from Osumi line and the sunset into the Kinko-wan. I want everyone to take a look once.

“What is the appeal point of cycling in Osumi?”


It will be almost 200 km when you start from Kanoya, and ride south to the Cape Sata, then ride north to Fukuyama, Kirishima, and come back to Kanoya. 200 km is the best distance for training at level road. If you want to train more hard, just choose a mountain road. Comparing to the foot of a mountain, the temperature is lower and the road is cleaner and the traffic is smaller. The view from top of the mountain is wonderful. I would like to emphasize that Osumi has the best and safe environment for training.


Bicycle can enjoy by myself or even with family or friends. Cycling is very easy way for exercise and very good for changing mood. Cycling would be a good communication tool for a family. Parents may recognize the growth of children through cycling. When the children became more interested in cycling, they may want to have a racing bicycle. Those children may diamonds in the rough. It would be very nice for Osumi and for bicycle circles if everyone can enjoy cycling easily.

“What is the policy of bicycle racing team?”


NIFS in Kanoya bicycle racing team was established 23 years ago, in 1995. College seniors wanted to do something special before graduation. They made up their mind to make bicycle famous in Japan. At first, they gathered their companion. Their first mission was to develop human resources who will excite the heat of bicycle. Because they were not professionals and did not now what they can do, they made three ideas of the team. First, do our best. Second, do with fun. Third, do with region.

photo:Hideaki Takagi


They did not now whether they can do it or not, they practiced steadily and seriously. Seriousness is most important when you really want to make progress in sports. The member of the bicycle team is an undergraduate first, and an athlete second. Therefore we tell them that if you cannot manage the both bicycle and study, you cannot enter this team. Bicycle is a very hard and sometimes dangerous sports. So we practice with resolution. This is important.

photo:Hideaki Takagi


However if we cannot enjoy cycling, that is nothing. What is the fun of bicycle? We will grow by succeeding hard practice. We think there are two kinds of fun in the training. One is a fun of self-realization and one is a fun of sports itself, when we got some technique or physical strength from the training.


Many people will gather with a key word “bicycle” and so we will communicate with various people. A person connects others and our community grows bigger. And so the person finds his own place in a new community. This is the good point to join a team. The joy of sports itself and joy being companion. These both are the base of fun.


The third “do with region” means that we will do everything we can for the region. For example, we give a help at some event as a volunteer. With our feelings of gratitude. Local residents become to support us if we continue these activities. It can be said that we are brought up by local residents. This relation is important. We can succeed our training with the support of local people. We always keep this in mind.

“Please tell us about the future of bicycle and Osumi”


As Osumi has the best environment for cycling especially for training, I want many people to come here and try many cycling courses. While you search for your best cycling course, you will meet many local people. Recently local people call out to us or wave hands to us while we are training. We think those small communications will bring a new kind of value. Many people come to Osumi and communicate with local people through bicycle. How wonderful if everyone become happy through these communication.


When YUKUSA will be used as a base of training camp, it means the place will be a base of communication between athletes and local people. Children may begin to dream to be an athlete if they can communicate with top athlete. The whole Osumi will be energetic through bicycle and the center will be YUKUSA. We would not forget this dream and would like to succeed our activity.


I felt the charm and possibility of bicycle from Mr. Kurokawa’s interview. We can encourage Osumi and bicycle circles by enjoying cycling and supporting the bicycle athlete. I can see a bright future of the both bicycle and Osumi. YUKUSA will be the center of these movement.

(2017.11.14  大隅家守舎 鈴 真奈美)
(14.11.2017 edited by Manami Suzu OHSUMI-YAMORISYA)